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To get your quote, just send an email to ibom.1568854520noitp1568854520ircsn1568854520artla1568854520tigid1568854520e@eto1568854520uq1568854520 with the subject line:  Transcription Rate Quotation.

Useful information to include in your email:

  • Your name
  • Your company’s name and/or URL
  • Your email address
  • Service required
    (i.e., transcription, copy typing, proofreading)
  • Type of event you wish transcribed
    (i.e., dictation, interview, roundtable)
  • Number of speakers
  • Length of recording
  • Size of digital file
  • Type of digital file
    (i.e., MP3, DSS, WMA)
  • Quality of recording
  • Desired turnaround time
  • Where you heard about us

Thank you for your interest in our transcription service!

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